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Is the PE500 A Keeper Or A Botch? Check It Out?

Brother has come up with another of their budget friendly brother embroidery machine that gives embroiders the perfect opportunity to notch up their game, whether they are operating the machine in their house or in their office. Brother embroidery machine is called the PE500 which is aimed for embroidery purposes only. It is a petite machine that comes with tons of built-in designs for adding personal touches to your merchandises.  I will like to call on all the sewing aficionados to leave their work for some time and have a look at what PE500 has to offer.
If you’re thinking of trying your hand at embroidery but do not have more than $500 to spend, this brother embroidery machine is right up your alley, costing you only $270. This model is targeted for beginners, so they can neaten up their embroidery skills and can explore more.

What Are The Product Features?
·         Automatic Needle Threader
·         Embroidery Area 4x4”
·         Convenient Bobbin Winding System
·         LCD Touch Screen
·         22 lbs.
·         5 Lettering Fonts and 70 Embroidery Designs in the library
·         Comes with Starter Kit and Accessories
·         Is compatible with
·         Built-in lights
This is a very easy to operate machine, impeccable for those who are ready to put their minds into embroidery. The designs options are unlimited, plus the added bonus of brilliant built-in lights let you work in a dim, dark room. It is not heavy, is easy to set up and you won’t have to get much into technicalities.
What the Customers Think About the PE500?
Many consumers have rightfully claimed that yes, this brother embroidery machine is excellently crafted out for starters. The starter kit stores, a medium sized hoop, 3 spools of embroidery thread , 2 pre-wound bobbins and 3 stabilizer sheets with a small pair of scissors, with such a handy kit, you can begin tuning into your embroidery as soon as possible. If you are interested in giving monogramming a go, you can pick amid the 3 alphabet styles.  If you require any help or any assistance, try looking at the PE500 built-in tutorials. Customers were quite fed up with bobbin winding problems in the brother embroidery machines but surprisingly, there have been no such complaints about the PE500 so far.

Are There Any Major Hindrances?
Yes. It has been reported that the major con of the PE500 brother embroidery machine is the small embroidery area. The space is enough for you to learn the basics of embroidery but for more expert projects, it is a downer. Also, the machine has room for stocking only 12 designs unless you delete the other ones that are already naturally included in.
What is Our Ruling?

You can enlarge the letter size without spending your bucks additionally and that is certainly a good point. The embroidery quality is first-class and you can choose from the many available fancy letters.  According to the reviews, you might come upon some negatives but in the end, look at the price you’re paying for the PE500. 

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Pick Your Brand and Start Working Like a Pro

There are many brands around the market place which claim to product the perfect embroiderymachines for you. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to your budget, suitability and requirements. You should always buy something, by first looking at the reviews on that specific product or I would suggest you to simply go for the embroidery machine reviews that will help you narrow down your search. Also, it is in your best interest to keep a reasonable budget because spending less on technical products always results in some kind of hitch. It is better to spend once on high-quality than spending again and again on poor quality.
Brother SE400

According to the embroidery machine reviews, this has certainly made a respectable mark of its own. This is a very popular embroidery machine and is completely unrivalled. It has advanced features, incredible performance and a very affordable price. This works better in any household and whether you are a beginner or a pro, it will always be up to delight you in some way as it is known as a magic spiller in the embroidery machine reviews.
With this machine, you have less chances of detecting any faultiness because it is dependable and durable. Sometimes, you buy a machine due to the raving claims of the company but when you operate the machine, it turns out to be a total dud. So, with this option, you are making a safe choice.
Brother LB6800PRW
This is similar to the one mentioned above but it has the pros of being a project runway machine. It may be similar to the S400 in performance but sadly, this one is too expensive resulting in a major con of this machine. You get extra accessories with the machine and it has nicked a nice place in the embroidery machine reviews, but it is still a bit ignored due to the costly price tag. The quality and functioning of this machine takes top points but again I will say who is ready to pay that much price?
Singer XL-550

Ah Singer, the company that is known to all as it is a very old and reliable company. I know that singer machines can be bought with both eyes closed but let’s see what the embroidery machine reviews have to say about this one.
This is a great machine for embroidery and sewing both. It performs expertly and receives a high five from every potential user. It has 125 built in embroidery designs, 20 fonts and lettering for outlining. The embroidery is large enough to support large projects as it ranges from 10”x6”. It has multi-hooping abilities, with large hoop sizes having the knack to make enormous embroidery designs. It has built-in software that makes everything nice but this machine is only fit for professionals, beginners won’t be able to do much with it.

Overall, I am in favor of the Brother S400 because performance and price wise, it is obviously a winner. Also, it has received some terrific embroidery machine reviews.